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Electronics and Environment

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Today's electronics brings a number of environmental issues.

What about the operation of some mines in humanly degrading conditions?
What about the increasing occupation of the electromagnetic spectrum from artificial sources?
What about the polluting processes used in the electronics industry?

However, electronic instrumentation allows us to measure or control many parameters in the environment for a better knowledge and protection of biodiversity.
A low environmental impact electronics could even be designed.

Secondly, on a more fundamental level, it is not absurd to focus on the influence of electromagnetic signals on biological systems and, conversely, to seek to know and interpret the electromagnetic signals they may emit.

Day after day, I try to make contributions in this area through the teachings, actions, recommendations and academic research.
We must reconciled technologies and ecology. These areas must not be left in the hands of specialists alone but should be accessible to every individual who wishes to be autonomous.

Pascal XAVIER, Professor, Grenoble Alps University

Many thanks to my colleagues and friends, Jean-Marc Boggetto, Eric Chamberod, Vincent Grennerat and Dominique Rauly.

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